A Season of Consciousness

A Season of Consciousness

What is your relationship to the ‘Divine Essence’ within you? Do you allow yourself to be intimate with you, loving and accepting all of you – no matter what? Before you chose consciously to incarnate into the physical, you were a very wise, loving and a highly evolved Spiritual Being.

You then decided to come to earth to learn and grow into wholeness while experiencing separation and limitation. Many got lost in the separation, did you?

Are you busy judging, blaming, and shaming yourself because of other people’s beliefs that you adopted as your own? You now carry them as your identity, rather than lifting the veil of forgetfulness, and remembering that you are One with Source; that your True Essence is Love Unconditional; that you are Whole and Complete as you are.

You have entered this incarnation as a ‘Divine Being,’ and you will exit in this same vibration. How you live your daily life is just one Choice away. It can be Peaceful and Loving, as was intended when you came. You can return to that Wisdom at any time. Just ‘lift the veil’ and Remember.

It takes this choice to live in “Christ Consciousness’ or Unconditional Love, every day of your life. Not just while in season, but always. This was your first intent. Will you return to this place now?

During this season of “Christ Consciousness” choose to remember that you are a Divine Being, a Child of God. Your True Essence is Love Unconditional and Freedom Individual, Remembering that you are One with Source with each breath you take.

Love and Freedom,

Esperanza, et al.

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