A “Soul Sister” from our very own S.O.U.L. family

A “Soul Sister” from our very own S.O.U.L. family

Today, I want to share something quite special with you…

Mari Smith, a “Soul Sister” from our very own S.O.U.L. family, has written a new book that reminds us that “Relationship Marketing” is the most powerful way to manifest a fulfilling and successful business. In this book, Mari helps you master social media with Heart, Soul and Integrity, in every aspect of your business and your life.

You’re probably aware that social media marketing is rapidly becoming an integral part of how businesses—large and small—can tap into a much bigger, global market. There are effective ways to promote your business on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. And, there are many ways that just don’t work.

Here at S.O.U.L., we had long resisted embracing these social technologies – there seemed to be so much noise and, quite frankly, a lot of ego. We didn’t see how we could expand our online community and get the word out about our programs and offers in a way that was completely in alignment with our values, and Spiritual wisdom.

That is, until one day in May 2009 when social media maven Mari Smith was a participant at the Mastering Your Life program and she quite innocently demonstrated the power of these social networks in the middle of the class.

Mari Smith and Esperanza Universal

We always strongly encourage participants to take a “heart” break from technology and any business matters during our programs; however, on this particular day something magical happened.

Mari simply posted on her Facebook wall one of the primary messages of the S.O.U.L. teachings:

“The most important relationship in the world is the one we have with ourselves; everyone and everything is a direct reflection of the quality of that relationship.” ~Esperanza Universal, CEO and Co-Creator, S.O.U.L. Institute Inc.

What happened next, as Mari shared with us, is that a rush of her online community instantly commented back that this is exactly what they needed to hear right at that moment. They loved the quote; they found it uplifting and transformative. They went on to share with their friends. The response was overwhelmingly positive.

Of course, Mari brought this to our attention during the program. From there, we realized there was a powerful opening for S.O.U.L. to begin building a presence on Facebook, Twitter and other social sites. Mari has continued to guide us and we are blessed with a team of enlightened social media helpers that Mari is guiding using our S.O.U.L. principles.

We particularly resonate with Mari’s approach to social media marketing – it’s about relationships first, business second. By focusing on connecting with others, adding value, and building relationships with all members of the online community—regardless of their “influence score”—more and more people are drawn to want to get to know you and what you do.

We’re delighted to share with you that Mari has a brand new book out that is a must-read, called The New Relationship Marketing. Mari is one of the foremost leaders in the social media arena – with particular expertise in Facebook marketing.

We recommend you take just five minutes and watch Mari’s special video about her personal journey to becoming one of the top leaders in the social media industry. Mari’s story is very inspiring and very revealing – it’s wonderful to see vulnerability and spirituality in the business world:

Mari wrote her latest book specifically for those business owners and entrepreneurs who have only just dabbled with social media marketing, or who have reached a plateau with their online marketing efforts, and wish to propel their business to the next level and beyond.

Relationship marketing is all the actions you take online and offline to nurture the connections you have with your prospects, customers, alliances and partners… even with your so called competitors. You’re probably familiar with the acronyms “B2B” and “B2C” (business to business, and business to consumer). Mari talks about how it all comes down to P2P: People to People.

Many businesses have not fully embraced the power of today’s social technologies due to a number of reasons, including fear of exposure, fear of negative comments and fear of wasting time and resources. In her new book, Mari skillfully walks you through her proven nine-step program for building a large, loyal and profitable network using the social web. We definitely recommend you pick up a copy for yourself! Find out how here: www.MariSmith.com/relationship-marketing-book-trailer.

Plus, Mari is including a special free webinar series to dive deep into the principles she teaches in her book. When you get a copy of The New Relationship Marketing, you then simply sign up here to reserve your place: www.MariSmith.com/books-by-mari/relationship-marketing-free-webinars/ .

Mari has a reputation for over delivering and for distilling complex topics into easily understandable and implementable nuggets, so this webinar series should be a gold mine!

We hope this book and webinar series are of value to you. We rarely make specific recommendations, as it’s critical that we always maintain highest levels of integrity here at S.O.U.L. Due to the profound impact Mari Smith has had on our social media marketing, we made an exception, and are honored to provide this endorsement.

Now, go find out more! www.MariSmith.com/relationship-marketing-book-trailer

Love, Responsibility and Freedom,

Esperanza Universal

P.S. In true Mari-style, you get to register for the free webinar series on the “honor system!” That is, you do not need to scan/fax/email/mail any proof of purchase before you get access to the online classes. Once you order your book, just register here www.MariSmith.com/books-by-mari/relationship-marketing-free-webinars and that’s it!

P.P.S. Do join us on our Facebook page and let us know what you thought of Mari’s video and book. Remember to “like” the page too, so you can stay connected to Esperanza and her Universal Teachings: http://facebook.com/soulinstitute.



  • Simone says:

    Hi Esperanza,

    thanks for sharing Mari’s new book. This is exactly what I was looking for to “get-the-word-out” about my business online. 

    Already signed up for her webinar and am on my way to the known and show up with open heart and integrity. What holiday gift!

    in gratitude, 

  • Mari Smith says:

    Thank you so much for this lovely tribute. I so appreciate my dear SOUL family. What a profound impact your teachings have had on my life – I barely recognize myself from five years ago!! 🙂 xxx

  • Esperanza Universal says:

    Mari, I Love walking this SOUL journey with you! You are a very Special Angel who brings a lot of Love and Caring to all you touch! May 2012 bring you deep Love, great Peace, and abundance of Joy! Love You, Esperanza

  • Esperanza Universal says:

    Hi Simone! So glad you are receiving some skill and wisdom from Mari!  She is not only the best in her field, but she wears Heart and Soul with all she shares.  I know this will assist you greatly! May 2012 bring you so much Love, Peace, and Abundance in every area of your life. Love, Esperanza

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