Are You Choosing Your Soul or Your Ego?

Are You Choosing Your Soul or Your Ego?

Life is about free will. Our vibration attracts things to us – situations, circumstances, people, things, etc. We experience what shows up, and perhaps dozens of times a day, we get to choose our response to the things showing up.

How we “deal” with what shows up is our opportunity to choose our ego or our Soul.

I was talking with a friend today, and she was sharing a personal experience that brought this point home to her in a beautiful way:

She’s a motivational speaker and was involved with a big event. She was to open the event, essentially setting the stage for what was to come after her. She did all her mental, physical and spiritual preparations and was so excited to be a part of what was going to unfold during the event. “I went with joy and anticipation in my heart. I was so excited to share my gifts as part of the transformation and spiritual growth that would surely take place!” she told me.

But then something happened when she got there. She noticed herself judging things. The microphone she needed wasn’t working so she had to use a different one. She didn’t like the introduction the emcee gave her. She even started comparing herself to the other speakers, and wondering why she wasn’t more in the spotlight. Now being a very conscious being, she was able to witness this while it was happening. She would catch herself sinking into ego’s judgment and less-than feelings, and on the spot shifted to love and gratitude… This ‘dance’ of spiritual awareness went on throughout the event.

“I exhausted myself Esperanza!” she stated. She kept studying the situation in the midst of it, wanting to get the gift, the inner message that would help her see where she was in her Soul’s evolution, and enable her to heal what was coming up. She said, “It came to me that there were two things going on. First, I could see how all my judgment of others was really the feelings of inadequacy and less-than I have for myself. Second, I could see that underneath wanting to give, was neediness – a deep desire to get something in return.”

Wow, what a spiritual gold mine this event was for my friend! Inner feelings of being unworthy or inadequate are often created early in life by a single event or series of events that impacts you in a huge way. They can be buried deep. Sometimes, these feelings are running you and you’re not even aware they’re there. They show up in judgment of others, how you interact with others or keep yourself separate, how and with whom you share your gifts, and most importantly, how you treat yourself.

My friend’s neediness is an outward expression of her feelings of her not being lovable. She’s putting herself “out there” in order to get validation, recognition, and love. But that can’t happen at its highest level until she first gives those things to herself.

What a blessing for my friend that she is awake and self-aware! She was able to see her ego in action in a concrete way, and choose, over and over in the course of a few hours, to respond with Love.

That’s the beginning of spiritual awareness – the evolution of the Soul. When you uncover the sub-conscious false beliefs and wounds, you heal and begin to allow more Love and Peace in your life.

That’s what Free Will is about – choosing to be the Truth of who you are. And that’s what Spiritual Guidance from the S.O.U.L. Institute is about, too – helping people from all walks of life make this amazing journey. You can learn more about this at

How will you choose for you? Ego or Soul?

To Your Freedom,

Esperanza Universal

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  • Lenora says:

    Excellent teaching example of work-in-progress (WIP) core healing. 
    Thank you, Esperanza. 

    Reminds me of this verse in Rumi’s poem “Cry Out in Your Weakness”: 

    The hard rain and wind
    are ways the cloud has
    to take care of us.

    Lenora Demiashkina

    (Reference: The Essential Rumi; translated by Coleman Barks)

  • Lenora says:

    P.S.:  I forget to mention that the example of practical sprititual growth in your blog is what triggered the epiphany of understanding that verse — I didn’t get it before.  (As an aside, the poem begins:  “A dragon was pulling a bear into its terrible mouth….”  What an extraordinary applicable metaphor; If anyone wants entire poem, request attachment.)  Lenora

  • Simone says:

    Hi Esperanza,

    As always I love your teachings. In many occasions I felt just like your friend and held myself back because I was concerned if others would like, validate and appreciate me. I wanted to do something good but in reality it was all about me. I can clearly see also how “underneath wanting to give, was neediness – wanting to get something in return.” 

    I am comfortable to say that my latest experience at an event, I stayed with myself as I was sharing my gifts and appreciation came as a result but it didn’t really matter it it didn’t either. 

    The real gift is to be present at all times, fully present in our body, KNOWING WHO WE REALLY ARE.

    Thanks for supporting and reminding me and who I really am at “Mastering Your Life Intensive.”

    In gratitude,

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