How to Experience and Flow Your feelings and create the Results you want!

How to Experience and Flow Your feelings  and create the Results you want!

Some of the most common questions I receive are about Feelings: What do I do about them, how do I “control” or “handle” them, why not just ignore them? … Does this sound familiar? The answers to these questions are simple and clear.

Feelings are just Energy. Pure feelings, like anger, fear, sadness, etc. give you information about yourself. You do not want to control them, nor be controlled by them. If you try to control or hide the feeling, it will control you, and your results. In other words, you will unconsciously create what you do not want – by ignoring feelings and burying them.

For example, one of my clients, Robert, recently commented on how peculiar the phrase “experience your feelings” was to him. He thought it’s human to feel, so he must feel all the time. But then he realized that he was actually avoiding and covering most of his feelings because he considered them “bad.” He wanted to be happy, so he covered his “bad” feelings with “happiness.” But then he just ended up depressed. He was really confused!

I asked him what he meant by “bad feelings”. He replied, “I don’t want to feel sadness. I don’t want to feel fear. I don’t want to feel anger, although I get very angry often. My anger scares me. I know that anger is a ‘bad feeling.’ So I guess I have been judging my feelings. Part of that judgment comes from what I was taught as a child, and part of it comes from judging me for having ‘bad feelings,’ and then feeling guilty about it.”

Like Robert, you may find yourself blocking, avoiding, or covering your feelings because you judge the feelings and yourself. This blocked energy can then affect every area of your life, including finances, business, relationships, and health – causing discomfort in the body. Instead of feeling happy, you end up miserable!

Some of the Spiritual Guidance we share at the S.O.U.L. Institute programs is to experience Self-Love, and Self-Acceptance. To appreciate, love, and understand ourselves, we must experience ourselves fully in the physical, emotional body. We must experience ALL of ourselves, including our feelings. It is fundamental for our Spiritual Awareness, Growth and Transformation.

Here are some guidelines for Experiencing and Flowing your feelings:

1. Remember that Feelings are only Energy. Nothing more, nothing less.

2. Allow yourself to Experience and Flow your Pure feelings without judgment as “good” or “bad.”

3. If you avoid, cover up, or try to control your feelings, you are blocking energy. This can affect the Results you have in all areas of your life.

4. As you experience your Pure feelings, immediately make Different Choices. Make Conscious choices that will support you!

I look forward to connecting with You soon!

Love and Freedom,
Esperanza Universal

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  • Nomadintl says:

    Great lesson about feelings. It is supportive to know that I can experience my feelings without attaching to them and getting stuck in them. They alert me to my issues while knowing this time I can choose differently. Thank You.

  • Wonderful that you are encouraging people to experience ALL of themselves. To judge any part of ourselves only creates more resistance and struggle. Not so fun!

    Regarding feelings – I often tell my clients that there is one energy that flows through you. It’s Source energy. How you filter that energy (via beliefs) is how you experience that energy. You decide how you feel. This doesn’t always happen on a conscious level. In fact, for many it’s at a subconscious level. What’s great though is that your feelings always give you information. They help you get into alignment with what you desire. When you’re not aligned, you feel bad. When you are, you feel good. So embracing both ‘bad’ and good feelings is so important. In the end, there really aren’t any bad feelings at all. When we can stop resisting any perceived ‘badness’ in ourselves, we come to experience deep peace and freedom.

    Thank you Esperanza for a great post.

  • Paul says:

    I hope you can help me, over the years I have been told that I have a gift, I have not taken any notice before, but 4 months ago my partner split up with me, I still love her but she wants to move on, I have even moved from the UK to work in China, so I am trying to move on. but since been here I am having thoughts what do not seam to be mine, its though someone else is talking to me. I have even felt that she is upset and grying which I know sound stupid, but I have even started to cry and it does not feel like me crying. is this at all poss !! I have even found myself looking at websites and found yours. please can you give me an indication if this is at all poss.



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