This will determine how you live in the new era of enlightenment…

This will determine how you live in the new era of enlightenment…

For some time, I’ve been writing to you about the power of Spirit and the uncanny potential of Source Energy — that “inside connection” that thousands of people use to calm the chaos they’re experiencing, then effortlessly expand their lives with exciting possibilities.

Now I urgently want to put a new report into your hands that not only explains the turmoil we’re seeing in the world today, it describes how we’ll be living and connecting in a new era of consciousness that is now converging on humankind.

As you’ll soon discover when you read this FREE report — there’s a reason why life seems so difficult today.  With every minute that goes by, our lives are being affected as the world re-awakens and transforms itself into one that, soon, we’ll barely be able to recognize.

You’ve probably heard of the coming End Times, Armageddon, 2012 and the Apocalypse.  While these concepts have made for some great Hollywood movies, the reality is actually much more interesting — and much more exciting.

Ancient cultures have foretold of this awakening.  Theologians have written about a surge of spiritual energy that will ease the suffering of humankind during the world’s transition.  And scientists are just now beginning to grasp the ramifications of a world that will function — not through the normal channels we see today — but through mental, spiritual and conscious connections between people who’ve discovered the power of this new way of living.

You could call this coming phenomenon the
‘New Age of Enlightenment.’

But beware… Many will be left behind in this transition.  Others will face it with fear and trepidation.  But those of us who understand its benefits will be celebrating unprecedented power, wealth, wisdom, ability — indeed, the full scope of human accomplishment.

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People who’ve seen an advance copy of it have said:

“This thought-provoking report describes why the world is facing tremendous chaos today. And it tells us what we, as individuals, can do about it.  I learned a lot.  But more than that, I came away inspired and uplifted. Thank you for this wonderful message, Esperanza. It’s remarkable!”
— Dynah Joy, M.D.

“Oh dear. This will really get the religious establishment working overtime.  For centuries, they’ve given us a picture of what the “end times” will be like, when things actually will be so much better, greater, easier, more loving, more expanded, with no more fear, no more suffering.  I, for one, can’t wait for the world to end as we know it.” 
— Roger Nowadzky, Professor of Law, Retired City Attorney

Click here for the report:

“This report draws back the curtain on how connection to Source Energy and its resulting benefits — rather than being modern-day quackery — is actually a skill that cultures have practiced throughout history. I hope you’ll read with enthusiasm, as I did, and take to heart what Esperanza has to teach you.” 
— Don Hobbs, Conscious Business Entrepreneur

This report has so much to tell us about what will soon be happening in our world.  That’s why I urgently want you to download your own copy and set aside some quiet time TODAY to read it.  It’s unlike anything you’ve read on the Internet.

It literally reveals how some people are effortlessly living lives of abundance, accomplishment and bliss — right now… today — and how a select few will enjoy a future filled with successful careers, enduring marriages, supportive relationships, bountiful wealth, remarkable philanthropic achievements and so much more. 

Download the FREE report here and discover how you, too, can tap into this controversial source of effortless success.

Will the next one to get connected be you?


Esperanza Universal

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  • Dynah Joy, M.D. says:

    This thought-provoking report describes why the world is facing tremendous chaos today.  And it tells us what we, as individuals, can do about it.  I learned a lot.  But more than that, I came away inspired and uplifted.  Thank you for this wonderful message, Esperanza.  It’s remarkable!

  • Roger Nowadzky says:

    Oh dear.  This will really get the religious establishment working overtime. For centuries, they’ve given us a picture of what the “end times” will be like, when things actually will be so much better, greater, easier, more loving, more expanded, with no more fear, no more suffering.  I, for one, can’t wait for the world to end as we know it.

  • Esperanza says:

    Hi Roger!  So great to hear from you here! Yes, it’s very exciting to Remember that you can create your own experiences by the choices you make on a daily basis.  The uplifting of consciousness in our world is happening now. So glad to be a part of it with you! Esperanza

  • Esperanza says:

    Hi Dynah Joy! Thank you for joining us here! Although the world is facing chaos and change, these are only growing pains.  We are shifting from a vibration of fear and returning to a higher vibration of caring and concern for one another. While there are wars, pain, lack and choas, there is emerging a sense of togetherness, and concern for one another. Notice the unspoken. Thank you for helping us Return to Love. Esperanza

  • Brittany Oei says:

    Thanks for the call home! This incredible report reminded of my purpose and divine essence. This world is really going to shift and i’m so glad i can be apart of it! Thanks for sharing Esperanza! 

  • Angela says:

    This is definitely a very thought provoking report!!! I also connected so much with how Esperanza and the S.O.U.L. Institute helped me connect with my heart and showed me how to not be operating out of my head 24/7. I definitely lived with negative energies and memories that were hard-wired (in the past) in my subconscious mind and had many obstacles that did not serve me anymore but I could not figure out how to really change them. After Mastering Your Life I feel that I am more aligned with my purpose, connected to source energy and have the tools to choose my life at every moment now. I hope this report and Mastering Your LIfe reaches many on the planet so they too can reach true freedom in their lives and rid of the old patterns that keep them stuck. Forever grateful. Love angela

  • Esperanza says:

    Hi Angela! I love seeing how you ane choosing to tranform every area of your life! The changes you have made in a short time are so powerful and exciting! Connecting with ‘Source Energy’ is really connecting with your ‘True Essence of Unconditional Love” while walking in limitation.  I love being a part of your Spiritual Journey. So glad we re-connected in  this lifetime. Love You Mucho! Esperanza  

  • Marlene says:

    You are a true Blessing for the whole world , we just need encouragement to continue .
    Some will take heed while others will not, freedom of choice that God gave to all.
    Many make bad choices and many try to fix the problem but it may be too huge to undertake.

    I loved the Report and I have joined, awhile back, on The Priniciples of Successful Manifesting ,Dreams in Abundance and Prosperity, I am rereading Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich.The Law of Attraction,The Secret etc.
    I need to not keep comparing or some thing like that and Become more Spiritual, even though I read the Bible daily and am Born again Christian. I still need help to Believe that I can succeed.

    Thanks for you BLessed Report and looking forward to more teachings. Love Helping others first.
    Marlene Boyd RN COA NMP

  • Kay Walten says:

    Esperanza I look forward to meeting you while I in San Diego at Mari’s workshop/retreat. Namaste.

  • Esperanza says:

    Hi Marlene!  Thank you for sharing YOU here! I know many will identify with you.  As a Christian, I am sure you are aware that you are a Divine Being, and that your True Essence is Love Unconditional.  Don’t ever bother to compare yourself to anyone.  Know that you are perfect as a Child of God.  Just enjoy learning and growing here on earth, and even love your mistakes – that’s how we grow!  You are already a Spiritual Being choosing a physical experience. Never forget your connection to Source and that you are Loved exactly as you are. Amor y Paz, Esperanza

  • Esperanza says:

    Hi Angela! Thank you for your comments.  I have certainly witnessed some dynamic growth and transformation on your part in a very short time.  It is so beautiful to see you begin to trust your Heart and Soul, and not just your head.  This will be so magnificent for you in ALL relationships and situations!  I Love being a part of your life as you choose Love and Freedom, over chaos and pain.  God is Blessing you, She likes you a lot! Amor, Esperanza

  • Esperanza says:

    Hi Brittany! Thank you for sharing your Heart and Soul here! Your Purpose is definately to ‘Remember’ your True Essence of ‘Love and Freedom,’ and to share this wisdom with the world.  I Love being around 13 year olds like you! You have so much Spiritual Knowing to share with many. Love You, Brittany!

  • Esperanza says:

    Hi Roger, Thank you for sharing your wisdom here! Our world is definately shifting – from fear to Love.  It looks like a lot of pain and chaos, but notice how much people and countries are steping in to help each other.  We are learning to appreciate far beyond the material world, and to Love and Connect with each other more. Core values are shifting from looking to the outside, to looking on the inside.  Spiritual Enlightments is evolving at a fast pace just before our eyes.  How exciting – these new beginnings! Love You, Esperanza

  • Esperanza says:

    Thank you for your sharing Dynah! Yes, we are facing chaos in the world today as we are shifting from the material (ego) world, to the Inner space (the soul). This shift will bring us Love, Peace, and Joy like we have never allowed before.  Paz, Esperanza

  • Esperanza says:

    Hi Kay! I hope your enjoying a beautiful Holiday Season. Remember to connect closely with Source as you celebrate this season of ‘Christ Consciousness.’ Be Grateful for who you are, appreciate and Love you as a ‘Divine Being,’ and All else will be added unto you!
    Love, Esperanza

  • Carol says:

    Thank you Esperanza, I am so grateful that I was lead to you. You make me realise that to appreciate and love myself brings inner peace and joy. I am embarking on a new me. At times it can be difficult it is so easy to go ‘off the rails’, but so rewarding to pick yourself up and get going again and gets easier each time. Will you ever be coming to Australia? I do hope so.
    Forever grateful….Carol

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