Lawsuits and Spirituality

Lawsuits and Spirituality

“Order in the Court – Starts with You”

Have you ever been in a Lawsuit and felt things were not fair?  You felt the situation has been blown out of proportion and the fight is getting bigger and bigger – hum, kind of like it’s the lawyers fight now?  You felt angry, betrayed, unseen, unheard, like your side is not even being heard, much less represented.

That’s what happened to Linda yesterday.  She and her husband were married for some 9 years.  To her surprise he decided that although he loves her, he does not want to be married. He did not want intimacy, connection, or the responsibility of marriage.  He also did not want children.  What Linda wanted more than anything was a deep connection with her husband, and to raise a family.

After some responsible discussions, they agreed to divorce.  It would be amicable, simple and easy.  There was not any reason to even have attorneys – until the husband’s family thought differently.  Now Linda finds herself in a battle for survival.  Her husband wants her to leave the relationship and not get anything.  No money or material possessions. He even wants to keep all the money in their bank accounts. Linda freaks out!  What will she do? Where can she go? She has an education, but has not worked outside of the family business for many years. Could she take care of herself?

Linda’s husband, John, gets an attorney that represents him well.  Linda’s attorney, on the other hand has dropped the ball.  He is “doing nothing to help her.”  He had lunch with John’s attorney to settle the case, yet nothing happened.  Linda wonders if her attorney has become friends with her husband’s attorney.  She feels, angry, betrayed, afraid, in fact – terrified.  She reaches out to me for advice – Spiritual Guidance. She knew I had been an attorney in the past.

Linda grew up in a home that was very poor.  They had barely enough food to eat.  Her father was an alcoholic and her mother very irresponsible.  Her mother was even unstable emotionally.  Linda thinks she may have been psychotic.  Linda had no support at home. In fact, she became the mother to her mom and brothers at a very young age.  The message she got was that she is not worthy, unlovable, and does not count. There was no one to listen to Linda or nurture her.  The parents were very distant from the children.

The relationship that Linda had with her parents is the very relationship she will re-create with friends and colleagues.  Her mission is to heal and transform herself in order to create what she wants in all areas of her life.  She will never know her ‘True Essence’ of Unconditional until she engages in Spiritual Transformational work for herself.


  1. Start with herself first. What relationship does she have with herself?
  2. Love and Accept herself.  How does she treat herself?
  3. Be willing to Heal and Transform herself in order to create what
    she really wants.
  4. Remember that she is a ‘Divine Being’ full of Love and Joy.
  5. Know that she is creating ALL her experiences in order to evolve her soul.
  6. Cast No Blame or Shame on herself or others.
  7. Remember that She is Creating this experience for her soul’s evolution.
  8. Accept that these situations, and her husband, are her teachers to help
    her grow Spiritually.
  9. Be in Integrity and be Honest throughout the lawsuit.
    For example:
    a. Tell the Truth.
    b  Ask for what she wants.
    c. Be Reasonable and Fair.
    d.  Represent herself and leave the rest up to God.

10. Not fight.  Just represent herself with the truth.

11. Leave the outcome up to God, and trust there is a ‘Greater Plan.’

Notice that Linda grew up in a poor family where she received no support from her mom or dad.  She became the mother very young.  She felt hurt, angry, betrayed, and afraid.  She created the very same experience in her marriage.  This had to happen, as she is committed and determined to heal and transform her life and to Remember her ‘Divine Essence.’

If Linda does not listen and choose to transform herself and grow into wholeness, she will create crisis over crisis until she awakens. Linda can take the straight and easy path to Heaven, or the difficult, chaotic and painful way.

She must make a Conscious Choice to Change if she wants it different.

Are you willing to have your life be Joyful, Peaceful and Abundant or do you choose the painful, chaotic, route back home to your ‘True Essence?’

I’d love to hear your comments!  Paz, Esperanza

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  • Valerie says:

    I struggle with this from time to time. Less now, but still it feels like some of my business relationships are strained and I'm getting mirrored back to me underlying issues of trust and worthiness, and it's showing up in “betrayals” from people I hire to provide a service. It's been so helpful to release the blame and shame game and turn my focus inward to get clear on what needs to be healed in me. Thank you for sharing the teachings Esperanza!

  • Esperanza says:

    Hi Valerie! I Love how you’ve Transformed Spiritually this year. You are noticing how when you let go of shame and blame of others in business or in your personal life, you experience greater Peace and Self-Love.  When you have this knowing, you wiil begin to attract that Love that you are.  You only attract ‘others betraying you, when you have been betraying you.  Valerie, it is so beautiful to watch you making different choices in your life now and allowing Peace and Abundance to come to you. Love You, Esperanza

  • christy rose says:

    This was a truly amazing find! I have been having some serious issues at a job that values only the $$$ and never the people. I was told 8 months ago that I could not order a proper chair because my boss was “AFRAID” to ask for approval because, as she put it “if it did not help the bottom line it would not be approved”. I let it go as not to cause problems but now I have developed serious back pain as a result and feel like I have to fight for my safety. I have been told by many to sue the company but that is not who I am. I need a spiritual solution to a very worldly problem. This helped me a lot…thanks =)

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