What Lies Within – A Practical Look at Spiritual Growth

What Lies Within – A Practical Look at Spiritual Growth

The centerpiece of the Spiritual Guidance of the S.O.U.L. Institute is that everything begins and ends within each of us. We are the source of our experiences. How we feel about ourselves, how we appreciate and care for ourselves, how we trust ourselves is mirrored back to us in the experiences we have, and the results we create in our lives.

It’s imperative to get clear on your relationship with yourself and what’s underneath the surface of you, if you want to manifest wonderful experiences and people in your life.

How do you do this?

Start by noticing yourself in routine situations. How other people are is about them; how you respond to them is about you. Are you feeling anger, hurt or sadness when interacting with others? What’s triggering it? Do you feel resentful when you see successful people? Or do you feel sad that you’ll never be as awesome as you believe they are? Do you expend lots of energy trying to be seen, heard and understood? Do wonderful people come into your life but exit abruptly, leaving you feeling abandoned or like you’re not enough? Do you spend all your time chauffeuring the kids here and there and helping your spouse, and at the end of the day feel exhausted, without doing a single thing for yourself? What old beliefs do you hold as absolutely true about yourself, even though they no longer support you?

Get really clear on your patterns of responses, especially what you call your “knee-jerk reactions.”

For true spiritual awareness, look below the surface of your values and beliefs, especially about the things you hold most dear, like relationships, money or business. These are golden opportunities to learn how you feel about yourself.

What lies within you is key to your whole life being what you want! When you improve your relationship with yourself, it has to be mirrored to you in your outer world. It’s Universal Law. The more you love yourself the more loving experiences show up in your outer world. The more you see your own self-worth, the more situations show up that mirror that – like money flowing in. The more you trust yourself, the more situations that you can trust show up in your life. Your life really is about you. So instead of investing all your energy in things outside you like work, parents, children, partners, and hobbies, spend some time connecting to you! In fact, my 3-Day “Mastering Your Life™” Intensive is a Spiritual Retreat designed to help you do just that! You can read more about it at www.MasteringYourLife.com.

Choose that you want deep, instant and lasting change. Commit to the inner work that will get you there. Then decide that you’re worth it. Believe me, there is no better investment in the world than an investment in YOU!

To Peace and Freedom that flows from Within,
Esperanza Universal

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  • Linda says:

    I attended Mastering Your Life in March of 2010 and the work I began there continues to impact my life every day.  It took some time for me to fully commit to myself, but I’m happy to say I got there! That weekend was a great foundation for the transitions I’m making in all areas of my life today.  Looking forward to a new experience with you soon!

  • Esperanza says:

    Hi Linda! So great to hear from you here! I know you have important transitions and transformations happening in your life today!  You are doing so grand! Keep Choosing the Truth in your Heart and you cannot go wrong!  Your Heart will always tell you the truth about you and the situation. When choices are made responsibly, Love and Peace will always prevail. See you soon!  

  • Kehau says:

    Thank you for sharing your words of wisdom Esperanza! As my life unfolds I’ve noticed how different my reactions are to the people and events since i first attended your weekend retreats 6 yrs ago. Thank you for reminding me about the difference between their reactions and my reactions. Love and gratitude to you and all at SOUL!

  • John Michael says:

    Good Morning Esperanza! It has been an amazing experience stumbling through synchronicity and learning about S.O.U.L Institute and yourself. I was browsing over the speakers (having known Maria) in the Enlightened Entrepreneur Summit and found you! What you’re contributing is much needed and stellar soul stuff, particularly blending it into the entrepreneurial world. Since then I have signed up on S.O.U.L Institute’s emails. In regard to the blog, What Lies Within, Self knowledge, contemplation, discovery and reflection are crucial in optimizing You and those around you, this concept fascinates me. “How other people is about them” struck a cord with me, creating a massive distinction and break through. With an attitude of gratitude, I greatly appreciate you sharing your wisdom. Many Blessings, John Michael 😉  

  • Esperanza says:

    Hi John! So great to connect with you here!  Thank you for sharing! Yes, ‘What Lies Within’ is so very crucial when wanting to Remember our Spirituality and how Simple, Loving and Peaceful life can be.  You are so Free when you realize that other peoples reactions are about them, and not you.  However, this also means your reaction are about you, and NOT them.  This releases you from past beliefs that keep you in prison. You no longer just act on automatic, or the past beliefs, but you ‘Allow’ in the Present Moment! Happy Thanksgiving, John! Paz, Esperanza 

  • Esperanza says:

    Hi Kehau! So neat to meet you here! I do hope you are doing grand in your relationship! Always Remember that anothers reactions are never about you, UNLESS you also react to them.  This means your stuff is also being triggered.  Just go to the deepest pure feeling inside of you, and get clarity about you.  Then Choose Differently, choose Love!  Kehau, come be with us at our advanced program, “Many Are Called, Few Choose,” January, 13,14 and 15, 2012.  Let’s bring in 2012 with the ‘Devotion and Conviction’ we came to earth with. Love You Mucho! Esperanza

  • Girlfriday077 says:

    I am on the east coast. Someday I would love to take one of your courses. You make more sense and so understandable I love what u write Thank you

  • Esperanza says:

    Thank you Girl Friday! It would be so great to have you join us at “Mastering Your Life” Intensive, March 23, 24, and 15! It is a very powerful program that creates lasting transformations. God Bless You! Esperanza

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