Spirituality and Business – Are They In Harmony?

Spirituality and Business – Are They In Harmony?

 I love it when people ask me about ‘Spirituality in business.’

They are not concepts that traditionally go together, yet I see them as almost inseparable. Why? We are Spiritual Beings. As such, it would be natural for us to express that in everything we do, including a business or workplace. When you factor in all the brilliance, collaboration, creativity, imagination, and wisdom it takes to run a successful business, it seems only natural for us to want to include ALL of our selves – our Spiritual side, as well as our human side.

The Spiritual nature of us is the Truth of us. We are individuated fragments of God. That’s what is meant by “Image and Likeness.” This means that within each of us is Divine Power that can heal the sick, feed the hungry, clothe and house the poor, protect the planet, and transform people from fear to Love. This is who we are.

Yet many of us have forgotten. For example, how many times have you heard people say, “I’m only human!”? As long as we deny our Spiritual nature, we remain disconnected from the Source Energy that is moving in, through, and around us at all times. When we’re not connected to Source, we’re making it harder to do everything we feel called to do. In fact, we can’t even feel the calling when we’re disconnected. That’s one of the reasons so many people are lamenting they don’t know what their Life Purpose is.

If you look closely, you will notice that many of your business interactions are based on fear, judgment or lack rather than acceptance, compassion or abundance. That is the ego at play. It causes separation. However, when Spiritual Awareness is brought into this same business environment, you are able to get very different results.

For example, if you apply the Law of Attraction to your business dealings, how you feel about yourself inside is what you will attract. If you have buried anger, you may see many customers who are angry with what you offer or are afraid to commit to you and you don’t know why. Likewise, if you heal and flow these same feelings, your interactions will be fulfilling and peacefully resolved.

So the answer to the original question – Can Spirituality and Business be in Harmony? – is absolutely YES! That is, if you choose to work WITH the Universal Laws that govern us, rather than work against your inner Spiritual Guidance.

The more each one of us is connected to our Spiritual nature of Peace, and Abundance – even in our business or workplace – the more Joy and Freedom we will create and experience on this Earth.

If you are ready and willing to do the deep Transformational work necessary to truly flow with Spiritual Laws and heal your life in all areas, including business, then I invite you to seriously consider attending our 3-Day Spiritual intensive at www.MasteringYourLife.com.

You and Business, You and Spirituality, Business and Spirituality can truly be One. It’s possible to experience the difference every day!

To Love and Harmony in Business – through You,
Esperanza Universal

Creative Commons License photo credit: juicyrai


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