What Are You Worth to You?

What Are You Worth to You?

One of the things that hurts my heart is interacting with people who do not see their own self-worth. They spend their lives making everything exquisite for everyone around them, but they give too little love and care to themselves. Are you one of these people? Perhaps you know someone who is?

They drive literally thousands of miles per year taking their kids to activities, then are too tired to drive themselves to the doctor for a check-up. They work themselves ragged contributing to their company’s success, then have little or nothing to contribute to their relationship with their spouse or close friends. They care-take for their ill or aging parents, and won’t take time for a soothing bath or a rejuvenating massage. If you or someone you know is one of these people, I’m glad you’re reading this message. I hope you will hear what I’m saying.

You are the most important person in your life. How you treat yourself reflects how you value yourself. And how you value yourself gets reflected back to you in everything you do. If you’re feeling unseen and unheard, if you’re experiencing betrayal or abandonment, if it looks like you don’t really count in your world, that’s a reflection of what’s going on inside you.

I’m talking about the Law of Reflection, a powerful spiritual law that governs relationships. Just as there are physical laws governing our world, there are Universal Laws at work as well. They’re impacting your life every moment, whether you know it, understand it, or like it. A better life happens when we live in harmony with this and other Spiritual laws. Ancient cultures knew how to do this, and it’s time for us to rediscover and apply the wisdom so our lives can be peaceful and joyful.

I’m here to help! As co-creator and CEO of the S.O.U.L. Institute in San Diego, CA, I’ve developed a unique and simple Spiritual Guidance system to help people from all walks of life truly experience their self-worth. They learn to explore deep within to:

• Uncover emotional baggage that is sub-consciously obscuring their inner light
• Release fears that are under the surface, quietly but powerfully holding them back
• Make peace with people they thought were enemies, and embrace them as great healing angels in their lives
• Align their hearts, minds, bodies and Spirits so they can express fully their unique gifts and value to the world!

The people who’ve attended my 3-day Mastering Your Life Intensive had to ask the same question in the title of this message. After learning more about it at www.MasteringYourLife.com, they decided they were worth it…

How about you?

Love and Peace,

Esperanza Universal

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  • Simone says:

    This has been an incredible lesson to learn and has impacted every area of my life. Thanks for sharing this Esperanza and for teaching me how to value the most important realtio0nship I have—with myself! ~Maria Simone

  • Esperanza Universal says:

    Hi Maria!  It is so awesome to be a part of your Spiritual journey!  You have evolved so beautifully into self-love and self-acceptance. Now allow yourself to ‘Ask and Recieve’ the support you need.  This is your year!! Let’s Rock 2012! Love You, Esperanza

  • Kehaukali says:

    Value-ing myself and taking care of me first has come up a bunch for me this week and I’m definitely listening! Thank you for teaching me how to figure out when the converstaions I am having are actually me talking to me! Happy holidays! – Kehau

  • Esperanza Universal says:

    Kehau, Listening to your Deepest Truth, and Acting on it will Free you! May 2012 fill you with Love, Peace and Abundance! Hope to see you at “Mastering Your Life” March 23, 24, 25! Love You, Esperanza

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