You can “Have It All, by Having All of You!”

You can “Have It All, by Having All of You!”

Universal Laws are in operation at all times. We don’t even have to acknowledge them, but still, they’re working. The best part is they always work on our behalf. They’re always a part of helping us achieve our Highest and Best. Two of the Laws seem to be very misunderstood and people are having trouble seeing how they’re out of alignment with these powerful spiritual forces. Let’s take a quick look at them.

The Law of Attraction says that like attracts like. Since everything in the Universe is energy, this means that when we want to attract something to us, being a similar energetic vibration to what we’re wanting is the way to attract it. Think of it like a radio – you can’t hear what’s playing on 100.3 FM when you’re tuned to 89.7 FM. You have to be “vibrating” at the same frequency of that which you desire, in order to have it come into your earthly presence. Pretty cool, huh!?

The Law of Reflection says that what is on the outside is a mirror image of what’s on the inside. So we can see at any moment how we’re vibrating. Whatever we experience in our outer world is a reflection of how we’re experiencing ourselves in our inner world. Whoa – that’s pretty deep! Stay with me here – it’s also very easy!

To attract what you want, you set your vibration to the same ‘station’ on the radio dial. To see how close you are to the vibration of that radio station, you simply look at what shows up – what are your results.

When I said this in an Intensive recently, a woman said, “I don’t think it’s easy at all! I didn’t want to attract the loss, lack and limitation I’m experiencing right now. This must be a cosmic joke!” I understand why she feels so frustrated. Many people are trying to work with these two Laws and they think the laws are working for other people, but not for them. Here’s the thing – the Laws always work for everyone equally. That’s why they’re called Laws – they’re in effect 24/7. So what’s happening when Laws that are supposed to help us achieve our Highest and Best appear to give us what we don’t want?

It’s not the Laws that aren’t working for us. It’s our vibration. The Laws can only work with who we are being energetically. This means that if we are vibrating at loss, lack and limitation … the Laws can only give us more loss, lack and limitation. Like attracts like; the outer reflects the inner.

Some of you have been told it’s your thoughts that create the attractive force of you. That’s only partially true. Your vibration is made up of more than just your thoughts.

At the S.O.U.L Institute, we’ve spent the last 20 years helping people uncover what’s underneath their thought patterns, resulting in manifesting things they don’t want. What is below the surface in your subconscious mind – old hurts, shame, blame, guilt, fear and other unhealed wounds – has an energetic vibration too. It can override what your conscious mind is saying through affirmations and what you’re pasting into your dream book. Your sub-conscious mind is likely what’s getting in your way. What’s rumbling around in your sub-conscious? When you get clear, it will support your transformation.

Here’s where the Law of Reflection can help you!

If you’re experiencing lack, it means you’re vibrating at lack. Using Law of Reflection, you can start to see what that lack is related to. For example, if you’re thinking you want to manifest more money but you just lost your job, law of reflection may be telling you that you sub-consciously don’t believe you’re worthy of more. If you say you want a wonderful connected and committed relationship but you only attract people who stay awhile and then leave, Law of Reflection – through this outer result – is suggesting that somewhere in your sub-conscious, there is something that doesn’t really want this at all. Perhaps it’s fear of intimacy, or perhaps you have trust issues. When you combine the energetic aspects of both your conscious (thoughts in the mind) and sub-conscious (feelings in the heart), you get your overall vibration.

To adjust what’s showing up in the outer world, go within.

Change the false beliefs, old wounds, and any other aspect of you that is not the Truth of who you are, and heal your life by engaging in deep transformational work. That’s the only way to clear up your vibration and start manifesting more of what your heart desires.

You absolutely can Have It All – you simply must start with – Having All of You!

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Love and Freedom,
Esperanza Universal

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